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It all began with the hand pump.

In 1919 we launched Japan's first cast iron hand pump. At a time, the use of ceramic and wood had been commomplace over the past century. KAWAMOTO PUMP has come to play a vital role in underpinning. The very foundation of our society with pump technology has been used to supply water, wherever it is required, whether it be for homes or for skyscrapers. It is our mission to provide the vital "water", without which no living things on our planet could survive. While maintaining the same principals upon which we were founded, KAWAMOTO PUMP strives continuously to enrich the lives of all.

We, KAWAMOTO PUMP ASIA CO.,LTD. has established in 2008 and started to manufacture centrifugal pumps in Thailand and has a mission to provide our valuable customers with high quality products.

We are currently actively expanding sales overseas with a focus on Asian regions with the Ayutthaya factory in Thailand and the Suzhou factory in China, and our technical capabilities are rated highly throughout Asian regions.

Our Mottos
Motto:Trust first
Motto:Strong sense of responsibility
Pioneering a new future
with an F.V.I. spirit
This F.V.I. spirit has been the very driving force that has continued to help KAWAMOTO PUMP lead the industry